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At Bug Sweeping UK we are experts in the detection and removal of electronic spying devices.

Our services are carried throughout the UK for private clients and commercial clients who want to know and get peace of mind if their home, office or car is being bugged.

Here are some common questions we are asked by people who want to know more about our bug detection & bug sweep services:

269fc41411e4b846365f9fd9dd8cc9e5How can I check if my house or office is being electronically bugged with a hidden camera or listening device? 

With the technology available today, covert eavesdropping devices give virtually no indication of their presence without using highly sensitive and advanced equipment to identify their location. Some cheaper spying bugs can often give off radio frequency omissions that can interfere with radios, wireless devices and some tv’s. Our electronic equipment will check and detect all spy bugs.Bug sweep service UK

Can I find a hidden hidden camera, microphone and spy bug myself?

The market has plenty of low cost devices that advertise as spy bug detectors, but usually these hand held tools are not particularly effective and unable to detect most covert devices that operate at frequencies above the range a hand held device can detect.

Is it possible someone can secretly fit a hidden camera in my house?

There are several methods and techniques of installing hidden cameras in a private residence, it depends on who needs the bugs to go in. If you are being targeted by a commercial / professional body, they can employ the skills of someone who is expert in entering a property covertly leaving no trace of their presence. Alternatively, an ex-partner, landlord or visitor can easily obtain a copy of the property’s keys and enter when they believe the property is vacant, such as when the occupant is on holiday or at work. 


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I can hear strange noises like buzzing, I think this means my property is bugged? 0be5a918097f40bc0bf7c809b6a49cec

Some less effective spy bugs planted in the home can cause interference, but in the main, most clandestine electronic bugs are undetectable to the human eye or ear. With the various frequencies and methods a spy bug can send its information, it is virtually impossible to detect their presence without having specialist equipment, and even then the user has to be able to determine what the frequency that has been detected means.

What types of secret electronic bugs are there?

Electronic spy devices can be bought over the counter, on line or homemade. There are numerous tutorials on channels such as YouTube providing the viewer with a step by step guide as to what spy bugs are available and how they can be best used. Depending on the environment the spy bug is to be used, they can be deployed for either short or long term, internally or externally.

Can someone spy on me in my home from the outside without having access to my house?

Your house or office is susceptible to compromise from external bugs, particularly long range microphones and covert cameras that are able to obtain a view via microwave or wireless systems.

How easy is it to plant a hidden camera or hidden microphone in an office?

Deployments of detect hidden bugs in office premises are relatively easy. Visitors come and go in most workplaces often unchallenged, especially when they are using some form of cover such as workman, courier etc. The challenge for the deployment is to ensure it is hidden in the place where it best used and will gather the secret / sensitive information desired.

Can you search people entering a building for spy devices and eavesdropping equipment?

We often carry out non-invasive searches on people and property entering an area that has previously been swept for covert devices. These searches occur in commercial environments whereby secret / sensitive data is being discussed / exchanged but is not for the attention of any third party.

How long does it take to carry out an electronic bug sweep of a house, flat or office?

This depends on the size of the area we are searching and what the environment contains, i.e. household furniture, office equipment etc. As a guide, a 3 bedroom house or apartment can take us up to 8 hours to complete a search, alternatively an office with false ceilings measuring 4 m x 4m can take between 4 & 6 hours.

Are You Able to Check if My Computer or mobile Device has Been Hacked?

Yes we can carry out a comprehensive analysis of any computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone in order to establish if the device has been compromised, or spyware has been planted onto the devices memory. Find out more here..

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Do I need to move anything before you search for hidden spying devices in my house?

Prior to us attending a premises to carry out a sweep, nothing has to be moved or interfered with. We ask that if you think your house or office is bugged, you contact us from a remote area away from the suspect property.

I think my car is being tracked. Can you check my car for a hidden tracker?

The use of a tracking device is on the increase and we are finding more trackers on cars than any other electronic device. Some of the these trackers have been planted within the cabin of the car, or on the vehicles bodyworks. 
Cars are tracked for various reasons such as a jealous partner wanting to know the whereabouts of a wife or husband, a suspicious employer who suspects a worker using a vehicle for their own purposes, or it may be the Police who are interested in someones movements, trackers placed on a vehicle can be a very effective information gathering tool.
We are able to carry out an technical search and electronic bug sweep on any car or vehicle to check for a hidden tracker, microphone or even hidden camera. 
We carry out bug sweeps of cars and vehicles throughout the UK, and overseas on behalf of private clients and commercial businesses that require our expertise and knowledge.


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How can I protect my privacy once a TSCM sweep and search has been completed?

Once a bug sweep has been carried out on a property, the potential for compromise is again is present if no security measures are put in place. We advise clients to ensure their home or business premises are secure for intrusion by incorporating a level of security that ensures no person can deploy a spying device.
This can be done by various means including changing locks, installing an alarm system or by simply installing an inexpensive IP camera to protect the areas of vulnerability such as access doors and room of particular importance. The IP camera (working off the environments wireless network) is paired to the client’s device of choice, which gives them 24 hour security and access to their home or office.5f8186a2cfb8d7be4c1ecf5a62819f0a
These cameras are extremely effective in detecting an intruder and alarming you to the fact, capturing a picture of the intruder and videoing their activity, all through the client’s smart phone, tablet or computer.
We find that once we have carried out a scan and search for electronic bugging devices, and installed a covert IP camera, it provides the client with a level of security they know will give them peace of mind from a further breach of their privacy.
Protecting you vehicle from having a covert tracker or hidden bug can prove more problematic. Short term deployed trackers that can be secreted within the bodywork of the car can be fitted in most locations without the owner of the car being made aware. The same goes for their removal, it takes literally seconds to fit or remove a tracker secretly. A longer term fit or the fitting of a hidden microphone requires access to the inside cabin of the car. This rea can be protected with the fitting of a micro camera and alarm system separate to the factory fitted manufacturers alarm. Again these can be inexpensive and extremely effective in ensuring no third party gains access to your car without you knowing.

Our top tips on how to find out if your house is bugged.


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