Bug Sweeping News

How Do I Know If My House Or Car Is Bugged?

The signs you may have an electronic spying bug in your home!

It's distressing when it suddenly occurs to you, “My house is bugged!” When you believe that your home may be electronically bugged, it’s difficult to feel safe and at ease. A bugging or recording device allows eavesdroppers to learn intimate details about your life and even to use those details to their own advantage.

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Sale of Spying Devices Reaches All Time High

Figures gained from retail analysts have recorded a record number of spying devices have been sold in the UK during 2022. These devices include cameras that can be hidden in the smallest of areas using various means of filming and recording an unassuming persons activity and private affairs, micro listening devices that are disguised as everyday household objects, along with covert gps tracking devices used on cars, van lorries and other types of vehicles.  


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Have You Been Subject to a Police Raid?

The UK police and intelligence services have powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (sometimes known as 'RIPA') that allow them to carry out secret/covert surveillance on members of the public, in other words bugging your home / monitoring you at home, this is called intrusive surveillance.


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