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How to Find Out If You Are Being Spied On - Do It Yourself or Use A Professional?

If you believe you are being spied on without your permission, we understand it is a very distressing and anxious time. No one should have their privacy invaded, especially in their own home. But unfortunately, with the easy availability of modern spying gadgets that can be purchased off the internet anonymously, more and more people are being illegally placed under surveillance and their private activity being monitored or listened to.

Bug search experts_1But how do you detect these electronic surveillance devices? If you are thinking about carrying out your own bug search, consider this.

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Do you know what a micro camera can be disguised as?

Do you know where a listening bug can be hidden?

In reality you are searching for something you have little knowledge of.  

Do you want to spend a large amount of money on spy bug detection equipment and technology that you have no experience of handling previously?

How confident would you feel when you have carried out your own bug detector exercise? Are you sure there is nothing there? Have you missed anything? Do you want to take that chance? 

What are the benefits of having a professional Bug Sweep Service?

The alternative to checking for bugs yourself…..let a professional counter surveillance expert do the work.

Use a well-established company that has the experience and equipment to detect ALL types of surveillance spy gear.

When they find a hidden spying device, make sure they provide an expert report that can be provided to a solicitor or Police.Bug sweeping expert_3

Make sure the bug sweep company you use, check all areas, items and equipment that can be used to hide a hidden camera, audio bug or tracker. The bug sweep should take several hours to ensure they have completed a thorough search.

You want to be confident that the bug sweeping service you choose has not missed anything, before booking them, ask questions concerning their experience in detecting clandestine devices, what bug detectors do they use, are their staff properly trained and proficient in finding a covert device.  Ask if they sub contract the work out, and do they offer free counter surveillance advice.

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What is an Electronic Bug Sweep?

A bug sweep or bug detection service, is the more familiar term for a Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM). In practice it is the electronic and physical search for covert surveillance devices that have been planted in a private home, hotel room, commercial site or vehicle to secretly obtain the images of a person/s or environment, the conversations of targeted people or the movements of a particular vehicle.

In the past it has been mainly law enforcement such as the Police HMRC and security services that have employed the use of clandestine spying equipment, and less frequently private investigators, journalists and terrorist groups, but more recently since the ability to purchase anything off the internet more and more private individuals have been deploying spy bugs on their partners, neighbours, and anyone they wanted to cause harassment or upset.

Who are Bug Sweeping UK

Our business has been operating since 2007 and during that time, we have completed over 10,000 de-bugging enquiries on private homes, businesses, and vehicles. Detecting and finding spying devices is our core business.

Our expertise is gained form military and Police backgrounds, which along with the specialist technical equipment we us, allows us to detect ALL clandestine devices.

Our anti surveillance services are discreet and confidential. We work around your requirements and at your convenience.

Our bug sweep enquires take hours to complete and we check everything and everywhere a covert device can be hidden.

Bug Sweeping UK cover the whole of England and Wales and can usually attend your location within 72 hours.

At the conclusion of our bug search, we are able to provide a detailed report of our findings, the tactics and equipment used, and any supporting evidence when a device is found that can be presented to a solicitor or Police.  

Read our FAQ's page regarding carrying out a bug sweep search...

If you require the services of a bug sweeping expert and would like to speak to us

Call us at our office on 01157 270212 or on our mobile 07816 477496 

Alternatively you can send us an email to enquiries@bugsweepinguk.co.uk and we will tell you how much a bug sweep costs and when we can attend. 


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