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Jul 9, 2014

What Happens When a Hidden Camera Is Found

Clients who contact us to arrange to have their property swept for hidden cameras and audio recording devices are usually at their wits end with worry, stress and a feeling of fear as to the thought that someone may be watching them or recording their conversations when they are in their own private dwelling.

Whilst we cannot begin to understand what they are going through, we offer reassurance in that as a result of us searching for covert devices and we detect them, the law is on their side and will come down on any person engaging in such activity.


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The offence of voyeurism covers cases where someone who has a reasonable expectation of privacy is secretly observed. The offence may be committed in a number of ways:

  • by direct observation on the part of the offender;
  • by operating equipment with the intention of enabling someone else to observe the victim;
  • by recording someone doing a private act, with the intention that the recorded image will be viewed by the offender or another person; or
  • by installing equipment or constructing or adapting a structure with the intention of enabling the offender or another person to observe a private act.

Due to the nature of the offence prosecuted it is not very often the case is reported for public consumption. However in the US they operate differently. The attached link highlights a case in America whereby a private landlord fitted hidden cameras in smoke detectors in rooms and apartments he rented out to his female tenants.hidden camera footage

It is not by chance he used smoke detectors as the cover for the covert cameras. As landlord he would have a reasonable excuse to enter the rooms in order to service the smoke detector and change the battery.

Unbeknown to the tenant this would allow the landlord to recover the footage from the flash card the video downloads onto so he could replace it with a fresh card and view the footage at his leisure away from the tenant.
hidden camera footage
A micro hidden camera records in high quality providing clear images and sound and are almost undetectable by human eye, so good is the manufacture of these cameras, which can be purchased off the internet for as little as £100.

We have found a number of these cameras hidden in various locations for the purpose of men wishing to film females in private situations. Technology is so advanced that the micro covert camera can be hide undetected in almost any household item. We have found them in deodorant bottles, coat hooks and hidden behind tiles along with being secreted in electrical appliances such as toothbrushes, electrical adaptors, electric switches and light fittings to name but a few.

As well as an individual secretly recording a person’s private activity for their own purpose, there are those people who wish to share their recording with the wider public, uploading its content to pornographic sites and social media sites. Material that has been obtained illegally can be out there for all to view with unsuspecting victims being completely unaware.

This is supported by the number of celebrities both here in the UK and abroad who have discovered that what they thought was a private affair, has been secretly filmed and uploaded onto the internet for all to see.