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May 12, 2015

Use of Hidden Camera in Schools and Nurseries

A nursery teacher who resigned in December following drug possession charges is accused of secretly recording children in the bathroom.
Elliot Gornall, 32, a former teacher is found to have allegedly used a tiny spy camera hung inside a plastic hook on the wall of his classroom's bathroom, according to prosecutors. 

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In our normal working week we are continually carrying out a search for a spy camera in a private home, hidden tracker on a car, bug sweep of an office or boardroom. But every now and again we are asked to look for a hidden camera or microphone in commercial premises where the motive for hiding such equipment is the most depraved.

Schools and nurseries.

In a world which seems to report daily, incidents of child abuse and child pornography it should come as no surprise that there are people who take advantage of their position and secretly film children in a supposedly safe environment.

There are numerous accounts of nursery staff, teachers and volunteers who abuse their position to fulfil their own evil means. These people take advantage of the easily concealed and readily available tiny spy cameras and film unsuspecting children to share with other sick minded individuals around the world.

Earlier this year a teacher in the US was convicted of filming children using a spy camera hidden in a clothes hook placed in a bathroom. On searching his home the Police found numerous videos of the children going back months along with items of their clothing.

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