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May 5, 2023

Ex-Husband Bugged London Home

47bbfdbc8f1a7b9dbae2e45df5192765A client in London contacted us after she had tried scanning her home for a hidden camera and listening device following separating with her ex-partner. She was extremely anxious that he had planted a bug in the family home. We provided Mrs G with our inclusive costs and availability, explaining that the sweep would take approximately 7-8 hours and would be best completed when her children were away from the property.

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My Ex Has Bugged My House!

Mrs G contacted us to find out how much our bug sweep service costs to search her home for hidden surveillance devices. She told us that her ex had left the home but still had access because there were children involved. We advised her that it was best practice if she could limit his access to the property prior to us carrying out the scan of her home as it would be easy for him to remove and replace any clandestine device therefore allowing the property to be again compromised.

Mrs G heeded our advice and prevented the ex further access to the property, following which we carried out our bug sweep.

On completion we discovered there was a hidden listening device in her home office which was being monitored via the home WIFI network.

We removed the device and presented it to Mrs G who has since handed it to her solicitor.

We provided Mrs G with our expert report, explaining our background, method of detecting the bug and what we discovered, along with pictures of the device in situ.