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Controlling Partner Hid Listening Device in Kitchen

Posted by: Bug Sweep Experts Category: Bug Sweeping News

Listening devices are so easy to come by. You can ask Google and browse the internet for "covert listening device" and discover hundreds of outlets who can sell any type of surveillance device you may wish to use. No questions asked! From as little as £50, you can secretly record a persons conversation without them knowing and know all their secrets! If it's a listening device for the bedroom, no problem, there are covert spying bugs that look like a plug, smoke alarm or alarm clock, take your choice!


Bug Sweep Office Birmingham- Discovers Planted Spying Device

Posted by: admin Category: Bug Sweeping News

Earlier this month we completed a bug sweep on an office in Birmingham for a financial institution who recently had a dispute with a senior manager and subsequently fired him. They had concerns that the ex-employee had planted a camera or recording device in a director’s office in order to obtain sensitive information.

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