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Mar 1, 2018

How often do you find electronic bugs or other surveillance devices?

How common is it to find hidden spy devices in someones home, office or car?

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This is a question we are often asked, and the simple answer is.............frequently.

The reason we are successful in detecting electronic spying devices is because of our experience, training  and the equipment we use.

Bug sweeping a house or apartment

When it comes to residential and matrimonial bug sweeps, the find rate for locating bugs and surveillance devices is quite high. This makes sense. The eavesdroppers’s focus is narrow. They want to intercept:
·      conversations and/or video voyeurism images,
·      and/or determine the location of a specific person.

Electronic surveillance is the tool of choice, whether it be audio/video bugs or computer/smartphone spyware. Personal privacy is the loss most associated with private individuals, unlike business espionage, where intellectual property is also targeted.

Solving cases for private individuals is relatively easy, for a number reasons:
·      The spy is usually a do-it-yourselfer, an amateur, or someone with limited tradecraft skills.
·      The victim has a good idea who is doing the spying, and their capabilities.
·      Inexpensive, easy to obtain, and easy to find bugs are most often used.
·      Locations for placement of bugs, taps, spy cameras and trackers are limited.
·      Having a personal stake in this type of surveillance, spies often tip their hand as a show of power.

But that's not to say the individual wanting to gain that private information hasn't used the services of a professional surveillance expert or involved a friend who is more savvy to the uses of spying equipment.

And it is for that reason we always approach each bug sweep with the same level of professionalism and open mindness, and not to second guess who has used a clandestine device or what type of spy device may be being used.
What clients should consider is, do I wnat my house or flat searched for spy bugs by a professional who WILL find a device if it is there, or do I just want someone to come in on the cheap, and wave a wand around and say everything is OK, and not be 100% sure that a bug has been missed, and leave their privacy at risk.
At BugsweepingUK, we will search through all the parameters and possible locations to establish if a spy device is present and being used. If a spy device is not located, we can provide the client with the peace of mind that their privacy is sound.

Commercial & Business Counter Surveillance Sweeps

We carry out commercial counter surveillance sweeps on a daily basis. The reasons that companies, legal institutions, financial service providers and other types of commercial enterprises use our services are for a number of reasons:
• Business Espionage
• Competitive Intelligence
• Mysterious Leaks
• Personal Privacy (including spycams in expectation of privacy areas)
• Malignant Activism
• Internal Intrigue
• Strategy Spying
• Media Snooping
• Blackmail
• Revenge
• Eavesdropping Concerns
• Adverse Publicity

Compliance is another reason companies and organisations require a TSCM (technical surveillance counter measures) sweep of an environment. 
As well as determining if a business is under an electronic surveillance attack, we also during the course of the sweep, identify areas of vulnerability and potential exposure to third party intrusion, and share these findings with the client for future action.
Ensuring your workplace is free from electronic surveillance has its benefits, including:
·      Increased profitability.
·      Intellectual property protection.
·      A working environment secure from electronic surveillance invasions.
·      Advance warning of intelligence collection activities (spying).
·      Checks the effectiveness of current security measures and practices.
·      Document compliance with many privacy law requirements.
·      Discovery of new information security loopholes, before they can be used against them.
·      Help fulfill legal the requirement and compliance expectations from trade bodies and organisations.
·      Enhanced personal privacy and security.
·      Improved employee morale.
·      Reduction of consequential losses, e.g. information leak can spark a stockholder’s lawsuit, activist wiretaps, and damage to “good will” and sales.

If you would like to know more about the counter surveillance work we carry out, please feel free to contact us here.