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Sep 10, 2014

How Do You Know Who Planted a Device?

So you felt as though someone was spying on you and you felt your privacy was being invaded and compromised.

A bug sweeping expert has attended your home and carried out a technical sweep of the premises, and they inform you they have located a hidden camera in your bedroom and a microphone recording device in the lounge!

What should you do next?

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Posted by: Bug Sweeping UK

What do you do when faced with the reality that someone has been spying on you and secretly recording what you thought were activities and conversations carried out in a private environment?

It could be a neighbour who is listening into your private conversations, an ex-partner who wants to know who you are meeting, a stranger who is obsessed with with wanting to know all your private affairs.

Well, there are several courses of action you could take.

  1. Detect and remove the hidden camera, tracker or hidden microphone and throw it away.
  2.  Find and remove the covert device and take it the police for further examination in the hope that forensically they may be able to identify the person who has planted it.
  3. Leave the spying device or equipment in situ and create a misinformation strategy in order to flush out the person who has been spying on you.

But before you do any of these, consider who has had access to your property, what were they were trying to achieve by deploying such equipment, where is the information they have managed to obtain, and what will they do with it.

Depending on the spyware that has been use there are various ways of identifying a person who has secreted a device.

Forensically there are several things to consider when locating and removing covert devices.

And once removed and inspected, there may be more clues as to the origin of the device and who put it there.

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