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Apr 26, 2016

GPS Tracker Detections

Its no surprise that we find hidden GPS tracking devices on cars, when for as little as £50 you can purchase one on the internet and fit it to a car in the knowledge that you are very unlikely to be found out. 

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Over the past 7 days we have discovered 4 trackers, secretly hidden on an unassuming driver’s car. In one of the discoveries, the GPS tracker had been fitted to the internal wiring loom hidden neatly behind the glove box. Even with the most thorough search, the client wouldn’t have discovered its presence without the use of specialist technical equipment.

The other three trackers were short term deployment types which allow the user to monitor the vehicles movements over a short period of time. Two of the covert trackers had the capacity to maintain coverage for up to 5 weeks.

Two of the clients in these cases had no idea their vehicle had been fitted with a hidden tracker. It was only through situations whereby people they knew were turning up at their location did they consider someone was telling them where they were.

One client was being stalked by an ex-boyfriend and had taken the trouble to purchase an expensive covert tracker that gave him instant updates as to the client’s whereabouts, and also told him when she was travelling to particular locations.

The last tracker we discovered had been fitted deep in the vehicles under belly and was fitted with a long life battery allowing the user coverage for up to 3 months.
This tracker had all the hallmarks of being fitted by a professional. Recovering the tracker on behalf of the client whilst wearing forensic gloves, allows the client to pass on the equipment to the police for further enquiries to take place.

If you believe someone is tracking your car, or your movements are being monitored by an unwelcome third party, contact us on 01157 270212 or email us at enquiries@bugsweepinguk.co.uk.

We carry out comprehensive and thorough vehicle sweeps and searches for all GPS tracking devices, on cars, vans, lorries, planes and sailing craft.