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Jun 8, 2016

Choosing a Counter Surveillance Expert

Choosing a Counter Surveillance Expert
The protection of privacy and confidential proprietary information from acts of physical or electronic surveillance (eavesdropping) and espionage has become a necessary requirement for individuals, businesses and organisations. Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) services are called on to prevent such acts and mitigate the risk of future potential compromise. 


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Unfortunately, TSCM services are not easily understood and attempting to find a competent and skilled operator can cause confusion and uncertainty. Individual requirements, whether they are of a personal or business nature involving residential homes or large corporate sites require thorough research and information gathering.
Without the proper understanding or ability to ensure quality TSCM services, clients can be left in a vulnerable position with no clear direction. Bug Sweeping UK attempt to eliminate the confusion and uncertainty while offering confidence with specialised professional counter surveillance services. We provide targeted bug sweep solutions designed for the specific requirements and technical security needs of each client with the highest trained and most experienced anti surveillance specialist.
Regardless of the type of client or environment, a proper initial threat and vulnerability assessment is a necessary initial step. Each individual assignment will have its own unique environment and circumstances that will dictate the scope of work and approach to be taken and it is critical to find an electronic bug sweep expert who can be trusted to provide an accurate, detailed and comprehensive survey/inspection.

While each client needs to determine a bug sweeping service provider's actual capabilities, without even a basic understanding of de bugging services, making important decisions about protecting sensitive, confidential information can be difficult. Even when a client representative is onsite during the electronic sweep performed, unless they are knowledgeable about TSCM services, they will have little understanding of the process taking place or the equipment and techniques being used.
Bug Sweeping UK provides a combination of specialised targeted services developed specifically for the needs of its clients, from private individuals and small business to larger business, corporate and government organisations.
Our services have no hidden or added costs such as initial consultation charges. All prices quoted for our services are included in our flat rates so you know what your cost will be up-front with no surprises. All phone calls and questions both before and after any services performed are provided at no extra charge. You can always feel free to speak with one of our friendly experts at any time!
Our complete range of specialized professional services provide sophisticated, customised anti surveillance solutions and effective counter surveillance strategies and programs for assignments of any complexity or threat level.
Whether they include single or multiple locations anywhere in the UK, clients no longer need to spend valuable time researching, locating a counter surveillance company.

We invite visitors to our read through our website and the various sections that hold important information surrounding our professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services.
Bug Sweeping UK’s highly trained and skilled TSCM specialists represent more than 25 years of experience with extensive national and international technical security, operational security, and intelligence related backgrounds with international and national law enforcement agencies to provide a complete range of the highest quality electronic counter surveillance services.
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