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Aug 3, 2015

Can you Trust Those Who Enter Your Property?

Another news story highlighting the use of clandestine eavesdropping devices hidden for sinister motives...

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Posted by: Bug Sweeping UK

On completing a big sweep of a property or a person’s home, we are regularly called upon to provide advice or a report on how private or sensitive information can be safeguarded.
Dependent on the environment we have been asked to analyse, one of the first considerations we suggest is to limit who has legitimate access to the property.
The number of devices we have detected comes as no surprise to us that the person responsible for planting the eavesdropping equipment is known to the client.
If the Police or a law enforcement agency wish to bug your house or office there are methods they use to remain undetected when the carry out the deployment.

But for amateur spies, stalkers and voyeurs breaking into a person’s home may be beyond their ability, however, if you have legitimate access to the property, then the hardest element of hiding a spy device is completed.
As this recent story of a man accessing the flat of a female friend to feed her pet demonstrates, his motive for befriending her should be questioned.

If you feel someone is spying on you and your property may have hidden cameras or microphones fitted, contact us at Bug Sweeping UK. If it’s there, we will find it. Call us on 01157 270212 for a quote or to speak with one of our team.