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May 19, 2015

A Powerful Snooping Tool - Hidden Cameras

Do you feel a sense of being watched when you enter a room, or walk down the street, and you just know you're being watched? These days, you're probably right—spy cameras are everywhere, and more are being added every day. You're probably wondering how to find those hidden cameras so that you can protect your well-being as well as your privacy.

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A common belief is that if a camera is hidden within an office or home it can be easily discovered. But unfortunately this is not the case. Hidden cameras are not easy to find, only if you have the right equipment. And that is a big IF.

Pinhole cameras are almost impossible to spot when placed in crafty and novel locations. Hidden cameras can be placed anywhere. They come in all clever disguises, from teddy bears, clocks, radios, picture frames, gadgets, toys, the list is endless. And they are the removable ones, what about the fixed apertures that feed off the buildings infrastructure, such as a building sprinkler head, light switch, electrical plug, or smoke detector? The list is endless.

Just a snapshot of covert hidden cameras that are available on a popular shopping site
Anywhere you can see hole, a camera could be lurking behind it recording your every move. Hidden cameras range from the cheap versions costing upwards of £50 with poor image quality to cameras capable of obtaining the clearest images from 100 metres and that’s in the dark.
A popular hidden camera is the one hidden in the buildings alarm PIR. These have built in motion detectors, microphone and capable of shooting video in the poorest lighting conditions. These cameras are paid no attention by those in its range and are not given a second look.

The effectiveness of these cameras is that they form part of the buildings profile and are fitted in nearly all rooms and offices, therefore when fitted into a boardroom or areas of particular sensitivity such as bedrooms and executive offices, these cameras do the job brilliantly. And with the better ones on the market able to record hundreds of hours of footage with their in-built memory, the user doesn’t have to worry about regular visits to recover the data. And for the more determined snooper, there are model available that stream the footage to a remote site where it can be viewed real time or downloaded onto a hard drive for viewing later.

We have enhanced the view of the camera in this smoke detector.

Obviously hidden cameras are used properly, such as to catch an errant employee, dishonest visitors, abusive or aggressive staff members, an unfaithful partner or just used to ensure the welfare of a loved one, they have their uses. Hidden cameras are everywhere, and if you are concerned that someone has planted a hidden camera to watch what you are doing and who you are meeting, then get a professional bug sweep carried out.
It’s better to be safe than sorry and find out later that your private life and business is being shared with others.

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