Police use Hidden Bug In Car to capture Damning Evidence

A group of seasoned and professional criminals were caught when Police used covert listening devices planted in the gang’s cars and houses. Believing they had got away with the perfect crime, the burglary on the safe deposit boxes in Hatton Garden, London, the villains spoke openly in what they believed to be safe environments. Only these weren’t safe environments. Police had secretly placed the covert microphones within the cars they used and the houses they lived in.The hole in the wall created by the "Pensioner Burglars" in Hatton Garden raid

And the incriminating conversations were recorded and later played to the offenders during Police interviews. When listening to what the Police had against them, the main ringleaders had no choice but to put their hands up and admit their part in the raid.

In a technologically advanced environment where clandestine devices are far superior to equipment previously used, the reliance by the Police and other law enforcement agencies on this method of capturing irrefutable evidence is ever increasing. Defendants are at a loss to explain illicit conversations and meetings that have been recorded secretly. The Police are also finding that this method of securing evidence is logistically straightforward and extremely cost effective, allowing the equipment to do the work, with little reliance on human intervention, apart from someone having to listen to the material.

The press had a field day on who the perpetrators were and the audacious method they employed to steal millions of pound worth of property including cash and jewellery.
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