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We Bug Sweep Offices - Boardrooms - Meeting Room - Suites and more...

Theft of company data, corporate espionage, dishonest employees and employees who are looking to exploit lax security are just some of the circumstances companies have experienced whereby the use of covert devices have been deployed in order to obtain private, sensitive and confidential information.

During our time as bug sweep experts for businesses, locating covert spy bugs that have been secreted for obtaining information over short periods of time, we have also discovered professionally fitted spying equipment that have been used to infiltrate a company’s infrastructure over several months.

From multi occupied offices that have been breached by covert computer data loggers fitted by a rogue cleaner working for a competitor, to private boardroom settings whereby highly sensitive conversations and meetings were to take place discussing lucrative and highly classified information have been potentially compromised by the use of a hidden wireless pinhole camera and microphone secreted into a piece of office furniture. We have experienced the use of standard off the shelf eavesdropping devices, to the latest hi-tech spy bugs used by the professionals.

We have encountered all of these scenarios and more. We understand the lengths individuals, companies and professional agencies will go to in order to get the information they need or have been paid to obtain.

Bug Sweep Service for Business Premises & Commercial Clients

Our bug sweeping experts are fully aware of the latest devices that are used to breach a business private data, as well as the tried and tested equipment professional espionage experts use.

Our counter surveillance sweep experts will attend your commercial premises using a cover story to suit your company profile. We can carry out sweeps at any time of day or night in order so as not to disturb your business and raise suspicion to our on-site activity.

We aim to attend your premises within 48 hours of you requesting our services. As well as carrying a thorough and detailed sweep of your site, we will also provide advice as to the security of the premises and advise what action can be taken to reduce the risk of your business being compromised.

We also offer a real time sweep of a location you wish to use for the purpose of holding a confidential meeting.

Our staff will sweep the specific location and monitor the environment for the use of illicit eavesdropping equipment that may be used whilst the meeting takes place.

If you require a bug sweep of your business office please contact us from an area where you believe your communication with us will not be compromised.

We bug sweep all types of commercial environments, from searching a small private office to multi occupancy open plan sites, meeting rooms, public areas, boardrooms, designated communal zones, strore rooms, reception areas, warehouses, retail shops, and even company cars and vehicles

Bug Sweeping UK carry out comprehensive electronic bug searches of private homes. We detect all types of devices and can remove them, prepare a report and give evidence if required. 

If a device is there, we WILL find it 100% guaranteed.

We can be contacted at or alternatively you can call us on 01157 270212 / 07816 477496.

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