May 2015

A Powerful Snooping Tool - Hidden Cameras

Do you feel a sense of being watched when you enter a room, or walk down the street, and you just know you're being watched? These days, you're probably right—spy cameras are everywhere, and more are being added every day. You're probably wondering how to find those hidden cameras so that you can protect your well-being as well as your privacy.

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So Who Hire's a Bug Sweep Expert?

Posted May 18, 2015
People request a bug sweep of their premises because they suspect someone to have planted a spy bug or clandestine device. Because it's so easy to obtain one of these devices the problem is becoming more widespread. And it's because people think that their computer or mobile phone is the source of the leak, they often overlook the environment they conduct their private activity and what information / activty is being watched or listened to. More here...

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Use of Hidden Camera in Schools and Nurseries

A nursery teacher who resigned in December following drug possession charges is accused of secretly recording children in the bathroom.
Elliot Gornall, 32, a former teacher is found to have allegedly used a tiny spy camera hung inside a plastic hook on the wall of his classroom's bathroom, according to prosecutors. More here...

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Use of GPS Tracker Shows No Sign of Slowing Down

Over the past few months we have seen a marked increase in the detection of GPS covert trackers on cars and vehicles we have been asked to search.

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