Have You Been Subject to a Police Raid?

Do You Believe the Police Have Bugged Your Home?

You may have had the Police enter your house under a warrant or they have arrested someone at the property then carried out a search, either way they would have time and opportunity to plant a device within the home and start listening to your conversations or watching what you are up to and who visits you.

It’s not a nice feeling believing your private activity that takes place in your private home is being recorded or filmed. Particularly when you know you have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong. 

At Bug Sweeping UK we have the technical ability and experience to identify if your house is under surveillance of any type.
We carry out comprehensive bug sweeps for people who have been subject to Police interest and their homes or vehicles have been searched or interfered with.
If you would like to know if your home or vehicle is subject to Police surveillance, contact us to find out for sure.
We offer a strictly confidential and discreet service.
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