Cheating husband uses hidden camera to spy on wife

In the past few months we have carried out numerous bug sweeps on private houses and apartments for clients throughout the UK. A great number of these electronic counter surveillance searches were in circumstances whereby the occupant believed their ex-husband / partner had planted a hidden camera or listening device in the family home.

One particular bug sweep in London, we were asked by a firm of solicitors on behalf of their client to search and detect a hidden camera believed to be concealed in the family house. The husband had left the client for another woman but felt the need to have the knowledge of what his ex-wife was doing by means of spying on her.

This is a common theme with men wanting to maintain a degree of control and power over their estranged partner carrying out a clandestine surveillance operation against them.

On this particular occasion, the husband had electronically bugged the house in order to know what his wife’s intentions were over their divorce and financial settlement. Not only had the husband planted a hidden camera in the house to spy on his wife’s movements and friendships, he had also placed a microphone listening device to listen in on her telephone conversations. We carried out an electronic bug sweep of the house for hidden bugs and detected a wired in hidden camera and a covert microphone cleverly concealed inside the study which was used by the wife to run her business.

Once the surveillance equipment was detected, we advised the client what she could do in order to further protect her home from unwanted intrusion.
We find during the course of our work, it is men rather than women who feel the need to resort to planting surveillance equipment to watch what is happening with their previous partner. And because of the relative ease in which someone can buy surveillance devices over the internet or specialist supplier, the situation is become increasingly common whereby we find such devices during the course of our bug sweep services.

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