How Do I Know If My House or car is Bugged?

How to Tell if Your House is Bugged and Someone is Eavesdropping on You

It's distressing when it suddenly occurs to you, “My house is bugged!” When you believe that your home may be electronically bugged, it’s difficult to feel safe and at ease. A bugging or recording device allows eavesdroppers to learn intimate details about your life and even to use those details to their own advantage.


Tell Tale Signs Of Being Under Electronic Surveillance

Concerned about listening devices hidden in your home, office or vehicle? If you suspect that you’ve been bugged, there are ways to detect hidden cameras and microphones without hiring a professional service. But if you are looking for peace of mind that the bug sweep is effective and not missed anything, then a professional bug sweep is the only way to go. Here we discuss some of the tell tale signs that your privacy maybe being monitored and recorded.