How Do I Know If My House or car is Bugged?

How to Tell if Your House is Bugged and Someone is Eavesdropping on You

It's distressing when it suddenly occurs to you, “My house is bugged!” When you believe that your home may be electronically bugged, it’s difficult to feel safe and at ease. A bugging or recording device allows eavesdroppers to learn intimate details about your life and even to use those details to their own advantage.


2021- Electronic Spying in the UK

As we say goodbye and good ridden to 2021, we look back on some of the news stories that have made the headlines surrounding covert devices such as hidden cameras and listening devices.

Have You Been Subject to a Police Raid?

The UK police and intelligence services have powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (sometimes known as 'RIPA') that allow them to carry out secret/covert surveillance on members of the public, in other words bugging your home / monitoring you at home, this is called intrusive surveillance.

Tell Tale Signs Of Being Under Electronic Surveillance

Concerned about listening devices hidden in your home, office or vehicle? If you suspect that you’ve been bugged, there are ways to detect hidden cameras and microphones without hiring a professional service. But if you are looking for peace of mind that the bug sweep is effective and not missed anything, then a professional bug sweep is the only way to go. Here we discuss some of the tell tale signs that your privacy maybe being monitored and recorded.

Increase in devices detected planted by ex-partners

Solicitors recognise the benefits of recommending our services to clients who believe their ex-partner has planted a spying device in their home. Clients who are experiencing a difficult divorce or seperation are worried their privacy is being monitored by obsessive and controlling ex partners. 

Cheating husband uses hidden camera to spy on wife

In the past few months we have carried out numerous bug sweeps on private houses and apartments for clients. And a great number of these electronic counter surveillance searches were circumstances whereby the occupant believed their ex-husband / partner had planted a hidden camera or listening device in the family home. More...

Choosing a Counter Surveillance Expert

Choosing a Counter Surveillance Expert
The protection of privacy and confidential proprietary information from acts of physical or electronic surveillance (eavesdropping) and espionage has become a necessary requirement for individuals, businesses and organisations. Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) services are called on to prevent such acts and mitigate the risk of future potential compromise. More...


GPS Tracker Detections

Its no surprise that we find hidden GPS tracking devices on cars, when for as little as £50 you can purchase one on the internet and fit it to a car in the knowledge that you are very unlikely to be found out. more...

How likely is it someone has bugged your home, business or car?

With a recent report suggesting that more than ½ a million spying devices are sold in the UK alone, it’s not surprising that believing your house, office or car maybe bugged is a real possibility.
In a time before the internet, getting your hands on a covert spying device meant a trip to a specialist seller who would build and create a device to suit your needs.

Police use Hidden Bug In Car to capture Damning Evidence

The Hatton Garden Burglary committed by a group of pensioners are convicted by Police using latest technology in covert bugs hidden in cars, and property's used by the gang.

The Hatton Garden thieves were caught by police talking about their part in the 'biggest tom in the history of the f****** world'.

Police bugs captured the conversations in a series of recordings described in court as a 'cross between Alf Garnett and Michael Caine without the charm'.
The court heard how Terry Perkins, 67, Daniel Jones, 60, and John 'Kenny' Collins, 75, drove around London openly discussing the crime and celebrating their success, completely unaware that they were being recorded by Police spying bugs hidden in their vehicles.

In the recordings, Perkins boasts that it's the 'biggest robbery in the f****** world' before telling his accomplices: 'If we get nicked, at least we can hold our heads up that we had a last go... the last fling.'


A Powerful Snooping Tool - Hidden Cameras

Do you feel a sense of being watched when you enter a room, or walk down the street, and you just know you're being watched? These days, you're probably right—spy cameras are everywhere, and more are being added every day. You're probably wondering how to find those hidden cameras so that you can protect your well-being as well as your privacy.

So Who Hire's a Bug Sweep Expert?

People request a bug sweep of their premises because they suspect someone to have planted a spy bug or clandestine device. Because it's so easy to obtain one of these devices the problem is becoming more widespread. And it's because people think that their computer or mobile phone is the source of the leak, they often overlook the environment they conduct their private activity and what information / activty is being watched or listened to. More here...

Use of Hidden Camera in Schools and Nurseries

A nursery teacher who resigned in December following drug possession charges is accused of secretly recording children in the bathroom.
Elliot Gornall, 32, a former teacher is found to have allegedly used a tiny spy camera hung inside a plastic hook on the wall of his classroom's bathroom, according to prosecutors. More here...

Just How Easy Is It To Get A Spy Camera?

As an example of an effective off the shelf spy camera that can be purchased off Ebay, we have uploaded this video to give you an idea of what is available for less than £50.
Take a look and see how easy it is to place a spy camera in an environment and monitor someone using a hidden camera.
Just follow this link or click on the image below

Warning Signs of Your House or Office Being Bugged

People will go to great lengths in order to obtain private information. Whether its monitoring the activities of a business, keeping tabs on an ex partner or snooping on someone who is of interest, the threat is ever present and the way to get that information is readily available thanks to the advancement of technology and the recruitment of specialists. More here...

How Do You Know Who Planted a Device?

So you felt as though someone was spying on you and you felt your privacy was being invaded and compromised.

A bug sweeping expert has attended your home and carried out a technical sweep of the premises, and they inform you they have located a hidden camera in your bedroom and a microphone recording device in the lounge!

What should you do next?

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What Happens When a Hidden Camera Is Found

Clients who contact us to arrange to have their property swept for hidden cameras and audio recording devices are usually at their wits end with worry, stress and a feeling of fear as to the thought that someone may be watching them or recording their conversations when they are in their own private dwelling.

Whilst we cannot begin to understand what they are going through, we offer reassurance in that as a result of us searching for covert devices and we detect them, the law is on their side and will come down on any person engaging in such activity.

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Bug Sweeping for the Commercial Sector

For a new business the protection of company data and trade secrets may not be a priorty, but for many commercial ventures the threat is real and something that is occuring on an ever increasing level. As experts in the field of detecting covert listening devices, spyware, surveillance gadgets and hidden recording devices we are well aware of the lengths people and oragnisations will go to in order to obtain that crucial piece of information or data.

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Detecting Spy Gadgets Within The Home

Spy gadgets as seen in Hollywood movies are no longer the equipment of choice for just the professional. Hidden cameras hidden behind a button, mini microphones the size of your thumb nail, and car trackers no larger than a box of matches are as easy to purchase as your latest app.

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