January 2016

Police use Hidden Bug In Car to capture Damning Evidence

Posted January 18, 2016
The Hatton Garden Burglary committed by a group of pensioners are convicted by Police using latest technology in covert bugs hidden in cars, and property's used by the gang.

The Hatton Garden thieves were caught by police talking about their part in the 'biggest tom in the history of the f****** world'.

Police bugs captured the conversations in a series of recordings described in court as a 'cross between Alf Garnett and Michael Caine without the charm'.
The court heard how Terry Perkins, 67, Daniel Jones, 60, and John 'Kenny' Collins, 75, drove around London openly discussing the crime and celebrating their success, completely unaware that they were being recorded by Police spying bugs hidden in their vehicles.

In the recordings, Perkins boasts that it's the 'biggest robbery in the f****** world' before telling his accomplices: 'If we get nicked, at least we can hold our heads up that we had a last go... the last fling.'


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